About us

In the Garden City’s commercial district lies the heartbeat of Indian heritage. A beautiful treasure house of artefacts and antiques -Natesan’s Antiqarts Pvt Ltd. Since 1930, Natesan’s, a family of art lovers, has kept Indian tradition alive in the finest pieces of art. At our workshop in suburban Bangalore, master craftsmen create exquisite objects d’art in bronze, silver, teak and stone.

Our flagship showroom in the silicon city is a marvel where an art lover can lose himself. Run your fingers along a copper urn, bow in reverence before the five-foot statue of Lord Shiva, while you wonder whether human hands could create a Buddha so incredibly divine. As one of the oldest fine art houses, we at Natesan’s stand by our promise to offer nothing but the best to our clientele, be it antique or objet d’art.

The company is a licensed dealer of antiquities. Our knowledge, aesthetic and integrity in the field has helped to meet the needs of connoisseurs and collectors of Indian antiques for over eight decades.

Product offering

The name Natesan’s is reputed world over for its keen eye and proficiency in Indian antique and objet d’art. 


Natesan’s Antiquarts Pvt Ltd is a licenced dealer of Antiquity in India. Original works of antiquity under our ownership are registered with the Archaeological Survey of India. On acquiring such pieces of antiquity from us, its registered ownership is transferred to the name of the buyer. As per law, antiques purchased from India cannot be taken out of the country. 


Embracing its humble beginnings, Natesan’s Antiquarts continues to create the life -like images it is renown for. Taqsh is a Sanksrit word translating to “to create”. Our in-house team of traditional craftsman at Taqsh add their magic and years of experience to every piece of artefact conceptualised and executed by us.

Custom Orders

Besides our exclusive commissions, our artists and expertise is also available to execute customised orders in wood and metal.

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