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While we take all precautions to reach the goods purchased by you in our Showroom in the same good condition at your doorsteps; it is prone to hazards in spite of packing each item with meticulous care.  While handling on account of rapid movement, during lifting, lowering, tilting, pushing, dragging, dropping, customs clearance etc.  During Sea Voyage risk of damage is on account of rolling, pitching, heaving, surging, swaying and yaw.  Other Risks faced are due to fire, theft, water damage etc. 

This is the reason why we insure your merchandise for the full value in order to safeguard your interest. 

If your merchandise has reached you in a damaged condition, the following documents have to be organised at your end without any loss of time. 

1.     It is to be noted that your merchandise has to be cleared within a stipulated period of time, according to the mode of transport. 

a) Air Transit :  Within 30 days from the date of arrival of consignment at the Airport of destination.

b) Ocean Transit :  Within 60 days from the date of arrival of consignment at the Port of destination. 

Failing which, Claim on account of damage would not be made good by the Insurance Company. 

2.   If your cargo has any damage on the exterior, you should insist on Open Delivery from the carrier or their agents who in turn would issue an Open Delivery Certificate and Insurance Survey Report, describing therein the condition of the goods at the time of delivery, date of arrival of cargo and delivery taken on. 

3. If your consignment has been lost on Board or Carrier, a Non-Delivery Certificate of package lost during loading and unloading operation, has to be obtained from the Carrier. 

4. If your consignment has been short-landed from the vessel, a Short Landing Certificate has to be obtained from the Port Authorities. 

5. When you receive your cargo at your premises and the packing from the exterior looks intact but while opening the case, you notice that the items are damaged; then you have to inform without any loss of time to your nearest Settling Agents whose address and phone numbers are available on the Insurance Cover Note.  An Insurance Survey Report should be obtained from the concerned Settling Agents. 

6. All expenses incurred on account of Survey Fee would be reimbursed by the Insurance Company on production of the Bill. 

7.  Along with the above stated Certificates, you should submit copies of  the following Documents to the Agent; which you would have     received from us :

a) Invoice and Packing Slip

b) Insurance Cover Note duly endorsed

c) Bill of Lading / Airway Bill

d) Certificate of Origin (GSP Certificate)

Insured with :  

M/s Oriental Insurance Company Limited                                 Divisional Office 9, # 5, 3rd Floor, Pathi Plaza,                              Vatal Nagaraj Road, Okalipuram  Bangalore 560 021, I n d i a

Tel : 91 80 3120349 & 3120412

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